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    7 Piece Miniature Tool Set Jewelry and Watch Repair Clearance


    This great little set contains seven miniature tools for everyday use in watchmaking, jewelry making, beading, wire wrapping, hobbies, and electronics. Everything is easily available in a purple leatherette carrying case. Length of tools just 3″. This tool kit is highly portable and includes a zipper safe pouch for storage and keeping your tools organized. These mini jewelry tools will fit perfect in your petite hand or if you like to work with smaller fine precision tools.

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    Bead Cord Shear Jewelry Pliers


    A cord cutter shaped perfectly to cut close in all beading situations. Made of tempered steel, this tool cuts flush, and if used properly, will last for years. Our cutter features a return spring and cushion grips. Not intended for anything but cord and the very softest of wire. Overall length of 5-1/4″.

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    Hole Punching Pliers Round 1.5mm Jewelry Tool


    Our updated hole punch pliers are made of the finest steel for long life and ease of use. We’ve gone high tech with this model, bringing the cost down and the quality up. Unlike most hole punch pliers, this one offers a 1.5mm punch with precise clearance for a clean cut, great to make holes in watch bands and belts. Gentle return springs and EURO GRIP handles for comfort.

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    Hole Punching Pliers Round 2.0 mm


    This set of pliers was specially designed to make adjusting leather watch bands as easy as can be. Have you ever had a leather watch band that doesnt fit quite right, that is a little too big, that would fit if only there was one more hole? Your wishes have been answered! This hole punching pliers allows you to punch 2mm holes in leather or even plastic watch bands, so they will fit just right.

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    Make My Own Watch Tool Kit


    A must for any watchmaker of any level, beginners will love it. Anything that you may need for changing a battery like a pro, open most any type of watch and service things like; replacing watch gaskets, replacing watch battery, replacing watch crystal, replacing watch crown, replacing watch movement, fitting watch hands, and more.

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    Replacement Pin for Leather Punch Pliers


    Replacement pin to for punching pliers to punch holes in leather and other soft materials.

    • Made of stainless steel
    • Made in Pakistan
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    Rotating Leather Hole Punch


    This hole punch is ideal because it offers six different diameter punches. Excellent for adding holes to leather watch straps and punching holes in flat leather, Ultrasuede and other materials for craft projects. Features a rotating punch wheel with sizes clearly marked in millimeters. To select punch size, simply rotate the wheel counter-clockwise to move the desired punch into position. Makes a neat, clean cut and punched out pieces fall into the built in compartment, easily opened and cleaned out. Metal construction with a comfortable plastic grip and handle lock. Overall length is 9″.

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    Watch Band Buckle for Leather Watch Band


    This buckle is designed for all types of watches with leather watch bands. These are designed to be easily attached to existing or new leather watch bands and include the band pin that holds the buckle in place. The buckle clasp is a simple and sturdy design made to hold your watch band securely closed, this is probably the most common watch clasp for leather watches. These clasps are great for people who want a basic clasp with no extra frills for their leather watch band. Each clasp is sold separately allowing you to decide the color and size of the replacement clasp you need. Simply select the size and color you need from the drop down menu above. These watch bands clasps can be used to replace a broken clasp or to upgrade your current watch band clasp. The watch band clasps are attached with a simple spring watch pin that is easy to remove making this a quick replacement job that anyone can do.